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All your help would be appreciated. I am just a small home business helping people who are committed to help themselves and affordable in the market crisis. I need a small advertisement or referral service that wouldn't charge too much. If you know someone or have an idea I would appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance. One really good way to start acquiring new leads is to pick up a software program at Target called Delorme Street Atlas for your computer, and install it to be able to search for any business type anywhere in the country. Try calling a few mortgage and real estate professionals and getting their email address so that you can send a pre form template email describing your services. You will pick up quite a bit of business this way if done regularly until enough business starts flowing in. A good way to manage your credit repair business and market to these professional is by using efficient credit repair software to manage your business. Check out to learn about powerful software like this. Lots of unfortunate circumstance like loan applications, late payments, and other life happenings could negatively impact your credit making it difficult to get loans or resulting in increased interest rates.

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The truth is, there is no ‘fix all’ for a poor credit profile, but credit software does offer some unique tools to help get to a more ideal credit score. Take a look at some of the ways credit software can help to remedy a railing credit score. more…When I first contracted Chris, my credit score was in the 500's after I had been through a divorce, a short sale, a foreclosure, and a bankruptcy!My chances of getting credit or the thought of even buying a home were non existent. I was told by others that it would take 7 years for me to get my credit back to where it was, and that's when I called Chris Lahage with Speedy Credit Repair. Chris's communication was clear and precise, as he walked me through the entire process. You can really tell that Chris has many years of experience dealing with creditors, and knows the business inside and out.

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Couple that with the fact thatyour potential prospects may not like the idea of being contacted fromseveral different people in your sales department.

I tell everyone I talk to about their incredible work.

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