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I don’t know how he did it, but I was so happy. I have one credit card that I pay off every 2 weeks and never charge more than 20 percent of its limit. My house, vehicle, etc. are all paid for. I spend very little as I need little. I have been un happy all my life and now I find out that my credit score was 450. am very careful with my money. I just don’t understand why I am useless for that. I contacted a credit scoring firm to figure this whole thing out for me but to there returned they were on able to do any thing on it not until I read about a well recommended private investigator. He is all over the internet and nobody has ever spoken negative of him…I was very excited because that’s was the first time we are working together…I finally paid him and this hacker help me to clear credit card balances,delete negative activities on my report and wire transfer into my bank account within 24 to 48 hours to my greatest surprise. reach him on his email.

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95% Success Rate Our customers are reporting over a 95% success rate using our letters. Some get items removed within 2 weeks. Easy To Start Guide You simply enter your personal information and list up to 23 remarks you want removed then mail it in via certified usps mail. Ready To Use Documents You will receive over 15 ready to use documents to send into the credit bureaus. Simply follow our step by step guide. Attorney Approved We are NOT saying the debts are incorrect, we ARE saying that in order for it to be reported they must legally keep an original copy of your signature on file at all times. Correct Price You might spend a couple thousand dollars to hire an attorney to help you but you could do this yourself with help. I figured $50 was a low risk to take, I knew that if something went wrong they promised a refund and if they failed to refund I could do a chargeback so I went ahead and gave it a try. It took me about 4 months but I had 16 items removed off of my wifes credit report and her score jumped from 549 to 692 once the items were finally removed. Im very pleased and was happy to provide a testimonial for the guys over at 609Disputes. com DeAndre – New York, NY I had a repo and a foreclosure along with 2 accounts that were in collections removed after 2 months, my credit score went up 79 points by the 3rd month.

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Make a habit of on time payments for all accounts.

Dispute Strategies and TechniquesHave you ever bought a credit repair software, but were confused as to what letter to send and what to do next if the credit bureaus refused to remove inaccurate, misleading, incomplete and unverifiable information from your credit report?Well, if that is the case, the dispute strategies and techniques in this software will show you step by step techniques on how proceed with each dispute campaign.

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